What Kind of Leader Will You Be?

We invite you on a journey to high performance leadership with Leadership Services, Ltd.

Leadership Services, Ltd offers executive coaching, organizational consulting, assessment surveys as well as communications training and teambuilding sessions throughout North America. We deliver services in leadership training and development with a focus on executives, managers and high-level individual contributors. Our services are tailored to the individual and the company culture. Our core services include: Assessment Surveys Leadership Coaching, Leadership Workshops, and Team Building,


Our Philosophy

Our services are designed with an overarching philosophy in mind: to actively engage your employees in personal/professional growth and infuse them with tools to realize their potential. We help leaders identify and acknowledge a new focus in improving old skills, systems, and practices that are no longer effective in achieving excellence. Our service enables your leaders and their teams to step out of their comfort zone and engage in a new spirit of interaction and productive change.

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How can we help you achieve your leadership and business goals?

Leadership Services Ltd offers several strategic services that will help you achieve your goals. These are development approaches with a built-in results-focus that we deliver to executive and management teams as well as front line groups.

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