Leadership Coaching

...Team development, communications and problem solving...

Our one-on-one assessment and coaching program is designed to develop current and emerging leaders, building new skills as well as adapting old skills to new situations and people. Our consultants focus on both the people and business aspects of leadership, using at least one leadership assessment to guide development goals and priorities. We also align our coaching with your organization by incorporating your key performance drivers and performance improvement process.


Individual coaching programs are tailored to your identified needs and one or more of the following diagnostic approaches:

  • Understanding individual strengths
  • Clarifying roles for decisions and accountabilities
  • Agreeing on team interaction principles
  • Establishing commitment and resources to objectives
  • Problem solving specific business, process or other issues
  • Facilitation of effective meetings so that objectives and priorities can be met with full engagement
  • Overall performance of your small group or management team

Individual coaching assignments are finalized based on assessment results, succession planning, performance goals, and professional development needs. All assignments are structured with improvement targets, a timeline/budget and a link to the candidate's manager to ensure accountability and support. Workshops and meeting facilitation are provided to model and teach high performance leadership practices that strengthen intact and cross-functional teams.

Assessments & Development Modules

Our assessment package includes the following surveys and methods selected based on initial improvement goals:

  • Structured interviews designed to collect individual development themes
  • 360 Degree (Multi-rater) Survey - HPL Leadership Excellence
  • 360 Degree (Multi-rater) Survey - Interpersonal Effectiveness
  • Myers-Briggs Personality Type Model
  • Harrison InnerView Job Suitability Assessment
  • Managing By Strengths (MBS) Temperament Survey
  • Holland Job-Matching & Career Guidance Assessment
  • Team Member Effectiveness Survey
  • HRC Interpersonal Strength & Weakness Analysis
  • Extended DISC Personal & Team Analysis

Typical coaching objectives are supported by reference material and practice assignments. Some of the modules include:

  • Situational leadership skills
  • The management toolbox (problem solving, decision-making, etc.
  • Effective interpersonal and organizational communications
  • Organization persuasion and influence (executive presence/impact)
  • Personal balance and alignment under pressure
  • Strategy activation and role accountability
  • Project management, delegation, and role clarity
  • Effective use of power and authority for leading change
  • Meeting management and facilitation skills


Our LSL coaching consultants combine for over 40 years of experience specializing in performance and organizational development and have coached hundreds of executives and managers in a diversity of industries. They are:

Pricing - Leadership Coaching Packages

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1. TARGETED DEVELOPMENT. Designed to address one or two clearly defined objectives. Package includes:

  • Preliminary discussion to determine training objectives
  • 9-16 hours of coaching in one or two key developmental areas
  • End-of-project synopsis including future training recommendations

Package Price: ranges from $2,500 to $4,400

2. IN-DEPTH DEVELOPMENT. Designed to address three to four general objectives. Package includes:

  • Formal coaching needs assessment
  • Written project outline
  • 15-26 hours of coaching in three to four developmental areas
  • Final report recommending ongoing developmental activities

Package Price: ranges from $4,000 to $7,500

3. COMPREHENSIVE DEVELOPMENT. Designed for a variety of services for six months to one-year support. Package includes:

  • Structured interviews with key employees
  • Multiple survey/assessment tools (360, etc.)
  • Written project outline of project scope and post training assessment methodology
  • Coaching in several key developmental areas. Activities may include observation and participation in department or team meetings or team development workshops
  • Project report including results of post project assessment and recommended ongoing developmental activities.

Package Price: ranges from $6,500 to $14,500

Options which affect pricing:

  • Above fees do not include travel expenses
  • Expanded assessment and post program evaluation
  • Additional coaching with other team members participating in the improvement effort