Team Building

...Team development, communications and problem solving...

Our Team Building services focus on working with intact or newly defined cross-functional or management teams seeking high-performance results. Different from traditional team building training and relationship building (bonding), these sessions are tailored to achieving specific team objectives that often include:

  • Understanding individual strengths
  • Clarifying roles for decisions and accountabilities
  • Agreeing on team interaction principles
  • Establishing commitment and resources to objectives
  • Problem solving specific business, process or other issues
  • Facilitation of effective meetings so that objectives and priorities can be met with full engagement
  • Overall performance of your small group or management team


To inform team development efforts and discover any underlying issues that may reside in company communication practices, decision making systems, or goal setting disciplines, we first conduct an assessment. This allows us to help you set and achieve team goals, which can only realistically occur within the actual contexts of your company and its culture.

We then facilitate team building and development sessions at resorts and/or on-site locations based on the need for focus and environment. Activities are designed based upon the makeup of your team as well as the performance and business objectives.

Types of Team Building Services


Our LSL team facilitation consultants combine for over 40 years of experience specializing in performance and organizational development and have assisted hundreds of groups and teams in a diversity of industries. They are: