Leadership Workshops

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Our Management Training and Emotional Intelligence Workshop Series provides highly interactive full and partial day sessions that teach and support your identified learning objectives as well as any assessment work that's been completed. Workshops are customized for any level leader in your organization—senior leaders, managers, supervisors and team leaders.


We're committed to delivering engaging learning modules that are relevant and results-driven, and based upon the realities of your industry and company. So that we can help ensure management support and behavior modeling of key workshop principles by everyone in leadership, we also reinforce the learning by providing two-hour briefings to senior management that summarize each workshop.

We then facilitate team building and development sessions at resorts and/or on-site locations based on the need for focus and environment. Activities are designed based upon the makeup of your team as well as the performance and business objectives.

Types of Workshops


Our training consultants combine for over 40 years of experience facilitating workshops and leadership trainings. They are: