...How can leadership development benefit YOUR company?

Leadership Services, Ltd. offers executive coaching, performance and organizational assessments as well as leadership and communications training for businesses throughout North America. We work with executives, managers and high-level individual contributors, and we tailor our services to the individual or team and the company culture. Our core services include:

ASSESSMENT/PERFORMANCE SURVEYS. Our Action Research Survey Packages provide you with the data you need to make effective decisions and take appropriate action to improve performance. more >

LEADERSHIP COACHING. Our one-on-one assessment and coaching program is designed to facilitate the development of targeted competencies or skills in current and emerging leaders and to assist them in their meeting business goals. more >

LEADERSHIP WORKSHOPS. Our Management Training Workshop Series provides highly interactive full and partial day sessions that support indicated action from our coaching and assessment work. more >

TEAM BUILDING. Different from traditional team building and relationship building or bonding, these facilitated sessions are tailored to achieving specific team objectives and strategies. more >