Strategy: Process Management Consulting

Have you made internal company changes only to find employee "buy-in" difficult or impossible? While change is natural and necessary, it has unanticipated and challenging effects on organizations. Often changes are not fully communicated or understood; perhaps more often they're not accepted or implemented, and culturally-embedded practices may work against the improvements you want to make. When any of these factors come into play, the effectiveness of processes and process management suffers, reducing the likelihood you'll meet company or department goals.

Leadership Services uses 5 focus areas that allow us to fully address the impact of leadership and culture improvement and alignment in your business, allowing processes to be effectively tracked and managed.

  • We begin with the strategic ALIGNMENT of the organization to your vision
  • The COMMUNICATION vehicles, practices and skills are installed to facilitate the flow
  • Your vision thrives because your LEADERSHIP possesses the inspirational skills necessary to involve and engage all levels of employees and clients
  • An increased activity level results from the honing and refinement of TEAMING skills
  • Your vision continues to be met because the RECOGNITION and ACCOUNTABILITY practices are in place to both encourage employees and provide them with direction

Meet the Consultants: