360 Leadership Effectiveness Survey

... to assess the strengths, needs, and improvement opportunities of key individual leaders ...

Why do a 360 Leadership Effectiveness Survey – The Benefits

Our Action Research package provides you with easy-to-interpret results and recommended action to improve individual leadership performance. The assessment gives you a baseline measure of individual leaders' strengths, needs, and improvement opportunities. The customized survey tool can also be used to benchmark your individual leader's progress going forward.

Survey results and recommendations will assist you to:

  • Assess individual leaders' skills, practices and behaviors using a valid multi-rater assessment
  • Identify leaders' strengths and development areas, especially patterns of behavior that have hindered the fulfillment of a person's leadership potential
  • Generate the data you need to build individual professional development plans
  • Implement a valid performance management tool

Our Approach & Services

Each client situation is unique, which is why we don't use off-the-shelf surveys. Instead, we use a three-step approach to customize the survey content to address your particular needs:

Step One – Discover & Assess Your Needs

  • Conduct interviews and focus groups to create a profile of effective leadership, your current and desired performance, and your unique issues, needs, and opportunities
  • Obtain assistance in selection of raters and establishment of confidentiality/administration guidelines
  • Distribute twelve to sixteen online surveys for each candidate – the surveys would be sent to the candidate and to his/her supervisors/managers, peers, associates, and direct reports
  • Analyze results and create demographic breakouts for each or your leadership candidates

Step Two – Report Results & Recommendations

  • Generate a comprehensive Evaluation Report for each leader assessed, which contains bar and line graphs, statistics and written comments, as well as recommended action
  • Conduct a feedback session with each candidate and your Human Resource designate and/or the candidate's manager to ensure that everyone is in alignment on the feedback
  • Present a leadership feedback and activation session to align leaders with the results and engage them in the improvement process

Step Three – Assist You to Plan & Act on Results

  • Dialogue with each candidate and key stakeholders to determine development/implementation priorities, and assist them to decide on specific training to ensure high performance skill building
  • Create a Personal Action Plan for each candidate based on their assessment results and priorities to guide their development efforts
  • Design and deliver coaching activities and follow-up
  • Repeat the survey 12 months after the initial assessment to illustrate the candidate's progress and create accountability for change

Phase Two consists of action-planning and implementation based on the assessment results. Out of a dialogue with appropriate stakeholders or management, who decide development priorities, we then assist with implementation via one or more of our services.

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