Management By Strengths Survey

... to assess productivity and the role of communication and teaming in performance ...


The over-arching objective of this assessment is to create a baseline of current productivity performance and provide an opportunity to benchmark progress down the road. More specifically, this assessment will help you:

  • Improve communication and conflicts
  • Achieve greater self understanding
  • Capitalize on the strengths of employees
  • Reduce costly turnover
  • Teach how to support others
  • Improve your interviewing skills
  • Avoid losing sales due to overselling
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your family
  • Identify your customer's decision making style
  • Learn employee motivation practices
  • Assist people who are "set in their ways"

The MBS survey will help you to better understand individuals' differing communication styles. The traits of a person's temperament are often times easy to identify if we simply pay attention to different characteristics. The 4 High Traits illustrated by the MBS assessment tool help you to identify and better understand the different "Temperaments" of your co-workers, customers, friends and family. The term "Personality Profile" is frequently used, but TEMPERAMENT is even more basic. Many things go into forming a person's "personality," such as environment, upbringing, integrity, education, faith, job skills, etc. MBS goes deeper and focuses on each person's underlying temperament, which is the foundation upon which the personality is built.

The MBS program is designed to help companies increase productivity, and improve customer satisfaction and employee morale through an improved understanding of how to work more effectively together. MBS skills enhance team building throughout an organization.


LSL does not use off-the-shelf surveys. The Action Research approach allows us to tailor both the process and the content of each survey to the organization's unique assessment needs. Action Research Packages promote not only findings, but recommendations and action for improvement. There are two primary phases to this process:

Phase One of LSL's assessment process looks like this:

  1. Conduct interviews and focus groups to surface the company, team or department issues or needs (summarize findings)
  2. Design and then distribute a customized online survey tool to a cross-section of pertinent employees
  3. Analyze the data and results
  4. Develop a report and a set of recommendations to leadership and/or department
  5. Present a leadership feedback and activation session to senior management and/or stakeholders

Phase Two consists of action-planning and implementation based on the assessment results. Out of a dialogue with appropriate stakeholders or management, who decide development priorities, we then assist with implementation via one or more of our services.


The Leadership Services Ltd. Action Research Consultants are professionals with over 40 years of combined experience in assessment work. Each has unique abilities and experience in survey design, administration, analysis, and action planning. They hold advanced degrees in industrial psychology, organizational communication, research & statistics, and organization development. Our primary Action Research survey consultant is:

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